Bromoil Printing

Bromoil printing is a very old method of printing photographs that gives them a unique look. Over a hundred years old, the process involves bleaching away the image on a black and white print and then stippling on layer after layer of ink to bring the image back. As each image is handcrafted, the artist has a great deal of control over the image, which is part of the appeal of the process. Another part is the historical link, that we can create images the same way it has been done for over a century. The process is laborious and few people use it these days, but it makes for wonderful portraits.

I fell in love with bromoil prints when I viewed an exhibition of pictorialist art. The images were amazing, the atmospheric quality the process lent the prints was beautiful. They have a unique look which no other process replicates. I had to learn more of about it and ended up taking a course with one of the last remaining masters of the process, David Lewis.

I love the freedom handcrafting images this way allows me.