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I’m Dana Reed.


I’m a goldsmith working in silver, copper, steel, and enamel. I also pursue photography, naturally dyed textiles, in particular Indigo dyed Shibori, and printmaking.

As a contemporary artist working in various media, my work reflects my curiosity, fascination with intricate processes, mark making, deep connection with nature and my desire to communicate the amazing things around us.

I grew up in Northwestern Ontario, between the woods and Lake Superior, which can be considered an inland sea. Thunder Bay’s isolation and cold winters shape the land and the people. It’s not hard to love the outdoors here, something passed on by my grandfather, Dan.

That wasn't all that he gave me. I was very lucky, growing up with a grandfather who was one of those people who could build pretty much anything. Carpentry, welding, auto mechanics, even baking, there wasn't much he couldn't tackle, and do it well. From him, I learned to love making things, working with my hands, the value of crafting something you can be proud of.

I want to make things that will delight you and that you can feel proud to wear. When you support artisans by wearing handcrafted jewellery, by purchasing their work, you keep alive a long tradition of skill and creativity in art and craft.