Black and white portrait of Tracey W by Dana Reed


My name: Dana Reed    My medium: Black and white film. Silver and light. Ink and a brush.


What do I do: Create great images. Unique, gorgeous portraits of fantastic people.

Handcraft beautiful prints using old and intriguing processes, such as bromoil and lith printing.


What is a pictorialist: Someone who creates images with an aesthetic intent, expressing their personal and artistic vision, not simply trying to exactly record a subject.

Pictorialism goes back to the roots of photography, the beginnings of the medium. The Pictorialists rebelled against the idea that a camera was only a recording device, that photography was just a dry record of reality but instead could be used to create true works of art.

Bromoil portrait of Angle S by Dana Reed


Why do I do this: I’m an observer of the small details. The play of light and shadow fills me with awe. I am compelled to share the beauty I see, to create images to communicate the extraordinary in the everyday. I love to show people a side of themselves they may not have seen before.


Where am I from: I grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario. When my head wasn’t buried in a book, I spent a great deal of time outdoors. I was lucky to grow up with woodlands just a short walk from home and this love of nature is echoed in much of my work. Here in Vancouver, BC, I can still wander the woods at will as well as visit the shore, another place of fascination.